UltimateDragon119 was made by accident byt XxNighthawk119xx. He was set to protect the universe but instead brought destruction to it. He was later tamed by Nighthawk and started protecting the world with Nighthawk. He was derived from an element 119 made by Nighthawk. This element gives any living thing superpowers.


Today in life. UltimateDragon119 is like a "pet" to Nighthawk.He still protects the world with Nighthawk at this very moment. Everybody lives up to these two heroes. He also corntrols machines and has adapted two with the same power with him shown in the gallery section


BKN 52 SA 17

UltimateDragon119 in its dark corrupted form


The two machines,Zenthon and Zenthon Titan


The current form of UltimateDragon119