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    September 24, 2011 by XxNighthawk119xx

    Hello, I am Nighthawk as most of you know me. I think we should have teams in this wikia to help stop vandalism and have edit wars like pokemon wikia. Of course we can oly do this when we have alot of people. But for know we should make one team for admins and rollbackers/chat moderators that are active like me myself, CXXX, and probably Katewolf. We should call it Team Rayza(idea by CXXX) or something else you can think of. This blog post comes to an end.

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  • XxNighthawk119xx


    September 11, 2011 by XxNighthawk119xx

    I think the admins should have a meeting about the eevee100 problem. He has been harrassing CXXX and me. so we should all have a meeting and LittleBigMarioWorld should be added to the meeting to since she is a witness and a rollbacker or chat moderator, i forgot. So CXXX, make a meeting.

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